Rehmus e:Spreader

The first all-electric straw spreader for your livestock farm

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1-person operation

The intuitive operating concept is designed for operation by just one person.
The pedestrian unit can be controlled via the tiller steering and communicates with the operator in several languages via the large 10.5" touch display.
By means of a multifunction steering wheel, the operator always has all the functions of the ride-on machine under control and coordinates the work process via the two 7" touch displays.

100% battery-electric

The integrated lithium-ion battery system in three selectable sizes ensures operating times of between 2 and 8 hours per day. The integrated charger can be conveniently recharged at any household socket.

Square and round bale pick-up

Square bales up to 2,500mm long or round bales up to 1,800mm in diameter can be loaded into the hopper. Both cut and long straw lead to optimal spreading results.

Powerful traction drives

The two rear wheels, each with a maximum power of 17.5 kW and direct electric drive, ensure optimum traction even on soft surfaces. All-wheel drive is available as an option.

Automatic regulation of the straw quantity

The intelligent control system automatically regulates the straw feed to ensure a constant amount of straw is removed at all times.

Uniform spread pattern

Large disc ejectors ensure a homogeneous spread pattern over an adjustable width of up to 12 metres.

100% Electric - 100% Sustainable

Direct electric traction drive

The powerful electric motors generate power comparable to a 75 hp diesel tractor - say goodbye to exhaust fumes, noise and maintenance!

Lithium-ion battery technology

The powerful lithium-ion battery promises more than 2,000 charging cycles and lasts the life of the vehicle.

Integrated charger

Put an end to inconvenient refuelling. Depending on the battery size, charge your e:Spreader conveniently within 4 - 12 hours at any household socket or via your solar system.
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Focus on the health of your animals

Powerful but quiet

Spreading with the Rehmus e:Spreader is quieter than ever. The electric motors are much quieter than combustion engine technology. Good for your nerves and the health of your animals.

Emission-free spreading

No combustion engine, no exhaust fumes. Thanks to the electric drive and working drives, the air in your barn always stays clean. For the benefit of your animals and your employees.

Perfect spread pattern

Wet spots are a thing of the past. The automatically controlled working process ensures optimum dosage of the spreading material and an even spreading pattern at all times.

No viruses, no diseases

With the integrated tyre cleaning system, you can conveniently have the tyres cleaned and disinfected by means of high-pressure nozzles before entering the barn. This greatly reduces the transfer of germs and viruses between the stalls and protects your animals from dangerous diseases.
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Intuitive operation by one person

  • The vehicle will follow you at walking pace.
  • You have direct control over all functions on the vehicle drawbar.
  • Keep an eye on the most important parameters on the large touch screen.
  • Further distances can be covered quickly and comfortably with a driving speed of up to 18 km/h.
  • Driving and working functions can be easily controlled via the multifunction steering wheel.
  • The two 7" touchscreen displays show the most important information and provide direct access to essential functions.

The e:Spreader in action

Your e:Spreader variants at a glance


Operating concept
Driving speed
Direct electric individual drive of the rear wheels
2x 5.4kW (nominal power) / 17.5kW (maximum power)
Li-ion battery (8kWh / 16kWh / 32kWh capacity)
Up to 2h, 4h or 8h working time (depending on battery capacity)
Integrated charger
For 230V (16A) household sockets
Dimensions (vehicle standard, 1 bale)
Dimensions (vehicle XL, 2 bales)
Weight (vehicle, empty)
Dimension - Straw bale
Dimension - Straw bale
Round bale
Knife cutting Cutter
Cutting length adjustable up to 50mm
Integrated dust extraction
Tyre cleaning and disinfection system
2 years or 1,000 operating hours extended warranty
5 years or 3,000 operating hours Extended Warranty

Fellow Walk:e

Tiller-guided pedestrian vehicle
6 km/h
Sensor-monitored, manual steering system
4,650 mm x 1,880 mm x 2,070 mm (L x W x H)
4,650 mm x 1,880 mm x 2,235 mm (L x W x H)
2.160 kg
800 kg
Up to 2,500 mm x 1,200 mm x 900 mm (L x W x H)
Up to 1,800 mm diameter

Passenger Ride:e

Steering wheel controlled ride-on device
18 km/h
Power assisted steering
4,650 mm x 1,880 mm x 2,070 mm (L x W x H)
4,880 mm x 1,880 mm x 2,235 mm (L x W x H)
2,320 kg
800 kg
Up to 2,500 mm x 1,200 mm x 900 mm (L x W x H)
Up to 1,800 mm diameter


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Answers to frequently asked questions.
So far, I only know combustion engines. How are the machines from Rehmus powered?

Travel and work drives of Rehmus machines are direct-electric with maintenance-free 3-phase alternating current (AC) and brushless direct current motor technology (BLDC). This technology is well established in the automotive and forklift truck industries. Each individual motor is optimally designed for the intended work process and thus maximally efficient. The individual control of the motors enables ideal adaptation to a wide range of environmental conditions and various straw qualities.

I read about electric cars on fire in the media.
Are Rehmus machines safe?

Don't worry. Statistically, electric cars are 40 times less likely to burn compared to internal combustion engine-powered vehicles. The reason for accidental fires is often due to the battery technology used. NMC battery cells (lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt) are installed in most electric cars. In our Rehmus work machines, LFP cells (lithium iron phosphate) with comparatively increased fire resistance are used.

Incidentally, the nominal operating voltage of 48 volts for Rehmus machines is generally safe for most people.

I have to litter my animals every day. Does the battery of the e:Spreader last long enough?

Yes, definitely. The size of the battery can be selected between 8kWh, 16kWh and 32kWh. With the largest battery, you can spread about 50 square bales in your barn. If it gets a bit more during the first bedding, lithium-ion batteries are happy to be charged during short breaks.

I don't have much time and the batteries I know will eventually run out. How can I charge in everyday use and how long will it take me?

Quite simply via any commercially available Schuko socket with 16A fuse protection located in your stable or on your farm. The charging time for the standard battery (16kWh) is about six hours at household sockets. The small battery (8kWh) takes about four hours and the large battery (32kWh) only 12 hours to fully charge. Normally, however, the battery is not completely empty and therefore does not need to be fully charged. This shortens the charging times considerably.

What are the weight limits of the Rehmus e:Spreader?

With a tare weight of less than 2,400kg, the new Rehmus e:Spreader is a true compact wonder in any modular configuration. Nevertheless, two square or round bales of up to 800kg can be loaded without any problems. 

I want a clean and tidy farm. Accordingly, I want to clean my machines regularly. How do I clean the Rehmus machines?

Cleaning is very easy with a high-pressure cleaner. The basic vehicle was designed according to basic ideas of shipbuilding as a closed hull without hidden corners or edges. This makes the Rehmus machines extremely easy to clean. All components accessible from the outside comply with a high protection class against dust and moisture. We have designed our working machines to at least IP65 protection*. So don't worry about using water near Rehmus electrical machines.

*IP65 protection class:

1st code number: Protection against foreign bodies
6 = Protected against dust ingress (dust-tight)

2nd code number: Protection against moisture or water ingress
5 = Protected against water jets (nozzle) from any angle

What maintenance intervals do I have to observe for battery-electric machine technology?

All essential components such as the drive train, controls and batteries are maintenance-free.

The built-in battery technology is designed for at least 2,000 charging cycles and thus lasts the life of the machine. However, if something unexpected should happen, our integrated diagnostic software allows safe and uncomplicated remote maintenance to solve the problem and ensure operational readiness.

At the end of my fattening run, the layer of straw and manure is at least 30cm high. Can I still drive through my barn without any problems? 

But of course. Thanks to the individually driven wheels and the high traction of the electric drives even in the low speed range, driving on soft surfaces is perfectly possible. However, if your barn is a little wetter and muddier, the optionally available all-wheel drive is recommended for maximum traction.

My farm is in the mountains and I can only reach my stables via a steep gravel driveway. Can I drive to my animals with the fully loaded e:Spreader?

Of course! Fully loaded Rehmus work machines can be manoeuvred effortlessly even on gradients of at least 20%. Undergrounds such as gravel are a trivial undertaking thanks to our intelligent travel drives and electric speed control.

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